Din Thomas is Arrested!

Din Thomas has been arrested by Florida police officers after having a non-licensed mixed martial arts event held in Port St. Lucie.  According to the police report, Thomas promoted a small event, where he charged fans a $10 USD entrance fee and sold raffle tickets within the venue. 

The event consisted of 7 fights and all fights were regulated by one referee using all MMA rules.  A warrant was issued by officer Brian Kenny to arrest Thomas for the non-licensed event.   Prior to his arrest, Thomas had pointed out that the event was made to help out his student fighters gain experience and raise money.  At this point, there is no information as far as bail nor specific details on the penalties Din Thomas will face.  More information regarding his arrest will be posted as soon as we are informed.

Thomas recently suffered a torn meniscus and injured his ACL after fighting Kenny Florian in a lightweight bout at UFC Fight Night 11.  He lost the bout due to a sudden injury that happened within the first round.  He was unable to continue the fight, but Florian quickly slipped in a rear naked choke and submitted him before the referee discovered the injury.  Thomas was currently training in a goal to fight in a rematch against Florian, but with these recent arrests we won’t know how this could affect his future UFC career.

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