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Cole Miller Submits Junie Browning At UFN 18, Trash Talk Continues


Junie Browning started the entire trash talk after criticizing Cole Miller’s performance against Jorge Gurgel at UFC 86.  Prior to the Miller vs. Browning bout, Browning stated that Miller was getting his ass kicked throughout the entire fight and was lucky enough to slip in a triangle choke with 12 seconds remaining in the fight.

Snip from Browning:

“They asked me about the Gurgel fight and I said I thought it was more of a mistake on Gurgel’s part…I’m just going to try to put fists through his face. If he can stand, he can stand. But I have a feeling he’ll go down for my ankles within the first three minutes and we’ll see how well he can do on the ground. I know he’s pretty good, but just because you have a brown belt, that doesn’t automatically give you a submission.”

Miller proved Browning wrong, submitting him via a guillotine choke in under 2 minutes of the first round.  Immediately after the submission, Miller stood up in front of Browning and screamed out “who’s overrated now?!”  He held a brown belt around his neck as part of his victory celebration, simply to answer back to some of Browning’s statements regarding his submission game as a brown belt Jiu-Jitsu fighter.  During the post-fight interview, Miller explained why he was so fired up by stating:

 “I just knew as soon as he felt my power he was going to try and take me down…that’s just the inexperience factor…I was the superior grappler…then I hit him with the right hand and I knew he was looking for a way out…He was shooting in for the takedown…I expected him to come out a little more aggressive, but it was probably just inexperience…I’ve hated maybe one or two guys who I fought, but it doesn’t really make much of a difference for better or worse.  But yea, fu&% him, you know?  He insulted me and he did it in front of my friends, my fans and family.  Fu&% him.  The things that he said are unforgivable.  It’s not all good.”

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