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Chael Sonnen On Fighting Anderson Silva At UFC 117: “They Called Me To Get Rid Of This Cancer of The Company”

UFC President Dana White announced via ESPN on Rome is Burning that UFC middleweight champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva will indeed be facing Chael Sonnen.  The American MMA fighter/Politician plans on walking through Silva’s punches and do whatever it takes to eliminate the “cancer of the UFC” whom he calls Anderson Silva.

Sonnen talks about his preparation for perhaps the biggest fight of his MMA career.  Although the bout seems pretty official after Dana White confirmed the news, Sonnen won’t be satisfied until he knows that Silva has signed and agreed to take the fight.  Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen is scheduled to take place at the EnergySolutions arena in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 7 at UFC 117.

From Chael Sonnen:

Chael Sonnen not satisfied until he hears that Anderson Silva accepts the fight:

“I don’t know if Anderson’s going to accept…The best I’ve seen, [Silva is] a man of his word.  If I hear that he agreed, I’ll feel a lot better…[Silva is] really good, he’s really effective, and he’s as unpleasing to watch as grass growing.  That’s why they called me to get rid of this cancer of the company…Nobody has challenged Anderson Silva.  Not one human being, not one interview. Go to what the kids call ‘Google,’ and prove me wrong. Show me one athlete in any weight class that’s challenged this guy except me…He won’t even acknowledge the challenge.  He just overlooks it like it’s not happening. The first and only time he’s ever acknowledged the challenge is on Feb. 7, 12 hours after I became the number one contender, he put out a press release stating seven different reasons he didn’t think he should have to fight me.”

In regards to Anderson Silva’s “dancing” against Demian Maia at UFC 112:

“If he does it to me, it’s going to work…It’s going to make me angry, and I’m going to come after him.”

Sonnen explains how he plans to beat Anderson Silva on August 7 at UFC 117:

“What’s different about me is that I acknowledge Anderson Silva’s going to hit me and kick me.  I acknowledge it’s going to hurt a lot. But I don’t care. I don’t care if he hurts me. I’ll go to the hospital later that night. But in that 25-minute period, he’s going to be in a fight.  If he wants to throw those punches, by God throw them. But I’m going to walk straight through them…I guarantee you between now and Aug. 7, I’ll get hurt.  I’ll get sick. I’m sure I’ll get a staph infection that seems to be the new wave throughout MMA – oh, I have a staph infection, wah. When my music hits those speakers on Aug. 7, I will make that walk.  That’s a tremendous difference between me and the prima donnas who like to see their names on posters but are not real fighters.”

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