BJ Penn’s Team Furious With The Vaseline Rubbed On Georges St. Pierre’s Back In Between Rounds At UFC 94

BJ Penn's camp has filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission for the excessive Vaseline that was being rubbed all over Georges St. Pierre's back.  According to the report, St. Pierre's corner was rubbing Vaseline on his back in between rounds and that affected Penn's performance during the fight.  Not only did it affect Penn while he was wrestling St. Pierre, but the fact that he wasn't able to perform well with his Jiu-Jitsu played a huge factor as well.  Penn is well known for his rubber guard, but the slippery St. Pierre wouldn't allow Penn to implement his ground game. 

St. Pierre dominated Penn throughout all four rounds on Saturday night.  The Canadian used his strength to outwrestle and take down Penn in numerous instances.  He then used his 'ground and pound' skills to wear down the UFC lightweight champion.  Although St. Pierre retained his UFC welterweight title, the huge controversy now is that Penn was not able to fight his game because of the Vaseline that was applied on St. Pierre's back.

Snip from Dana White during the UFC 94 post-fight press conference:

"I saw the commission jump up there and flipping out…hey said one of the guys was rubbing Vaseline on Georges' back in between rounds.  It was one and two, I think…The guys from the athletic commission went up there and started
screaming at them.  Knocked the Vaseline and kicked the Vaseline out of
the Octagon…some Vaseline on a guy's back didn't change the outcome of that fight, but you don't do it…If a guy was intentionally putting Vaseline on a guy's back, he should never corner a mixed martial arts fight again….(in regards to what happens now?)…who knows.  That's up to the commission."


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