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Anthony Johnson Weighs In At 204.2: “Tonight’s UFC 142 Fight With Vitor Belfort Is ON”

Anthony Johnson stepped on the scale early this morning to weigh in for a second time after missing weight yesterday by 11 pounds.  “Rumble” would not be allowed to fight if he weighed more than the 205 pound mark on fight day, but he stepped in at 204.2 lbs.  Johnson will still have 20% of purse taken away and is still in jeopardy of losing his job for missing weight for the third time in his UFC career.   Johnson will have to defeat Vitor Belfort tonight at UFC 142 if he wants a chance to stay in the UFC.

The UFC confirmed the news earlier today via Twitter:

“Anthony Johnson weighed in today at 204.2 pounds – tonight’s fight with Vitor Belfort is ON”

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