The Ultimate Fighter ‘Australia vs UK’ Debuts September 19 (Cast Unveiled)

September 18, 2012 by  

Date: Wednesday – Debuts September 19,  2012

Broadcast: FX in Australia, ESPN in U.K., Worldwide

Cast: Lightweights and Welterweights

Format: Single-Elimination Tournaments

Coaches: Ross Pearson (U.K.) and George Sotiropoulos (Australia)

Team Australia:

Lightweights (155 lbs)

  • Grant Blackler
  • Patrick Iodice
  • Richie Vaculik
  • Ben Wall
Weltweights (170 lbs)
  • Ben Alloway
  • Xavier Lucas
  • Manuel Rodriguez
  • Robert Whitaker

Team U.K.:

Lighweights (155 lbs)

  • Colin Fletcher
  • Norman Parke
  • Michael Pastou
  • Mike Wilkinson

Welterweights (170 lbs)

  • Luke Newman
  • Bola Omoyele
  • Valentino Petrescu
  • Brad Scott

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