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The Ulimate Fighter Finale 5 Results

natediaz_2The Ultimate Fighter show has finally come to an end. UFC has concluded a fifth season bringing tons of action as always. We, at congratulate Nathan Diaz on his win last night…we can now say that he is the official TUF 5 champion.

I would also like to add one more thing…THANK YOU BJ Penn for kicking some Pulver ass. You finally had your rematch and you kicked some butt just like you told us you would. It’s good to see you back and hope to see BJ again @ the octagon.

Main Card:

Jens “Little Evil” Pulver Vs. BJ “The Prodigy” Penn
(BJ Penn Wins by Submission at 3:12 in the 2nd round by rear naked choke)

Manny “The Pitbull” Gamburyan  Vs. Nathan Diaz
(Nathan Diaz Wins by Submission at 0:20 in the 2nd round by shoulder injury)

Roger “El Matador” Huerta Vs. Doug Evans
(Roger Huerta Wins by Technical Knock Out at 3:30 in the 2nd round)

Floyd Sword  Vs. Thales Leites
(Thales Leites Wins by Submission at 3:50 in the 1st round by side choke)

Preliminary Card:

Brandon “The Murderer” Melendez  Vs. Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon
(Joe Lauzon Wins by Submission at 2:09 in the 2nd round by triangle choke)

Andy “The Yellow Peril” Wang  Vs. Cole “Magrino” Miller
(Cole Miller Wins by Technical Knock Out at 1:10 in the 1st round

Rob “The Saint” Emerson  Vs. Gray “The Bully” Maynard
(TBD Wins by No Contest at 0:39 in the 2nd round)

Allen “The Monstah” Berube  Vs. Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia
(Leonard Garcia Wins by Submission at 4:22 in the 1st round by rear naked choke)

Brian “Duke” Geraghty  Vs. Matt “Handsome” Wiman
(Matt Wiman Wins by Technical Knock Out at 2:09 in the 1st round)

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