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Strikeforce “Four Men Enter, One Man Suvives” Tournament Results: Cung Le continues winning, Alistair Overeem acquires heavyweight title

Cung Le remains unstoppable after defeating former UFC fighter Sam Morgan via TKO-strikes in the third round.  Le was cheered within the sold-out San Jose arena as he adds another win to his record, making him 5-0 at Strikeforce USA.  Frank Shamrock was present at the Strikeforce event, most likely studying and watching Le’s every move.  There is no doubt in our minds that Frank Shamrock could be fighting Le very soon as Le steps closer and closer to that middleweight title shot.

Also on the fight card was the bout between former PrideFC veteran Alistair Overeem and former UFC veteran Paul Buentello.  Overeem was 1-5 prior to this bout while Buentello had a 4-fight win streak.  Although things looked good for Buentello on paper, Overeem was the better man that night as he defeated Buentello in a very difficult match-up via submission-strikes in the second round.  Overeem not only took home the win, but he also took home the vacant Strikeforce heavyweight belt.

Here are the Strikeforce "Four Men Enter, One Man Suvives" Tournament Results:

  • Cung Le defeated Sam Morgan via TKO-strikes
  • Alistair Overeem defeated Paul Buentello via submission-strikes
  • Chris Drumm vs. Evan Esguerra – no contest (Drumm was punched in the back of Drumm’s the head)
  • Dennis Hallman defeated Jeremiah Metcalf via submission-heel hook
  • Alex Crispin defeated Clint Coronel via a unanimous decision
  • Anthony Figueroa defeated Pete Sabala via a split decision
  • Eric Lawson defeated Josh Neal via submission-rear naked choke
  • Jorge Santiago defeated Sean Salmon via KO-flying knee
  • Trevor Prangley defeated Falaniko Vitale via referee decision (the referee was forced to decide the winner after Prangley accidentally poked Vitale in the eye)
  • Luke Stewart defeated Bryson Kamaka via KO-knee
  • Anthony Ruiz defeated Bobby Southworth via a TKO-cut
  • Lemont Davis defeated Brian Schwartz via a unanimous decision
  • Jorge Santiago defeated Trevor Prangley via TKO-knee
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