UFC Video Interview: Chuck Liddell Not Retiring, Clears Up Rumors On Possible Fights With Randy Couture And Anderson Silva

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell is recently interviewed to clear up a few rumors that have been going around the internet.  The first rumor is the whole "retirement" issue.  He says that losing to Rashad Evans at UFC 88 was simply unfortunate and not a type of fight, which would lead him to thinking of retirement.  In the video below, he says "I was winning that fight and I got caught and I mean that could have happened 15 years ago…it’s not a ‘retirement’ fight."

Other rumors that have been talked about include a possible fight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, a possible fight at 205 pounds.  He says that no one from the UFC has approached him with this.

Not too long ago, the UFC had reached terms with a German television network called ProSieben.  The deal was made in order to expand pay-per-view sales for future UFC events through Europe, which brings us to the third Liddell rumor… 

More gossip flowing around the internet was Liddell moving up to the heavyweight division in order to fight Randy "The Natural" Couture for a fourth time.  The rumored bout, Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture 4, would headline the UFC 99 event in Germany, scheduled for June 13, 2009–set to take place at the Lanxess arena in Cologne, Germany.    Again, Liddell insists that he has not been informed of such a bout.  He plans to make his octagon return much earlier than June, stating that he’d like to fight some time in March or April of 2009.

We’ll make sure to keep you guys informed with the who, what, when and where for the former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell once we’re informed, so stay tuned…

Chuck Liddell Video Interview:

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