UFC 76 Video: Post-Fight Press Conference

Dana White talks about how some websites around the internet are constantly biased toward the UFC and he replies by saying “we are the best.”

What I don’t understand about Dana (and he is indeed a good businessman) is that he talks about the fact that Pride ruined the chances of a Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell fight when they made Wanderlei fight Dan Henderson right before the Pride acquisition.  He goes on to say that  “it’s been all downhill from there.”

What about Dana White ruining it himself by making Chuck fight Keith Jardine and ruining another possibility of that “dream match” we had all been waiting for.  He recently signed Wanderlei and then did the same thing Pride did!!!  I don’t know what you guys may think, but it looks like he put himself in an even deeper hole now.  White can still make the fight happen, but it won’t be as hyped up as before Chuck fought Keith.

Let me know what you guys think about this situation and in the meantime, here are the UFC 76 Post-Fight Press Conference videos:

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