UFC 71 Videos

You thought I forgot?!  There’s nothing like watching the action most of us experienced all over again.  Here are some of the UFC 71 fights.  Sit back, relax and hit play!

Great fight, but Karo was just too much for Josh:

To me, this first video below was probably the BEST fight of the night.  Houston was dizzy in the first few seconds after a few consecutive punches by Jardine, but all of a sudden he just comes back and destroys Jardine completely.  I can’t stop watching it…Check it out again :


This next video was the full version of the Chuck Liddell vs Rampage fight.  How cool was the stare down!!  Now thats what makes the fight even more interesting.  Everyone has to find some time to just watch this again.  Trust me, it’s worth it:

Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens:
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