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NEW Video Interview: Tito Ortiz Talks EliteXC, Affliction, His Future And More…



  1. watts

    August 3, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    tito…come on quit making excuses u lost ur last fight…u could’ve shot & tried more but everytime u did u got hit…all i hear is 1 excuse after another…as far as trashing dana white well u knew it wuz over 4 u @ the ufc level because of the talent @ 205…that’s sad though that ur trying to promote a tito vs. frank shamrock fight…hey look u can name it the two washed up big mouths retiree fight…tito do america a favor & please…please do not have any kids…u would b better n a minor league forum such as elite xc or addiction…please just shut up & fight…when u were n ur prime u wuz a great fighter but unfortunately 4 u ur ego took over…however, i totally agree about the fighters making more money but remember something if it wasn’t 4 dana white we would b saying tito who…so would jenna…so thank him 4 padding ur pockets & allowing u to date her…good luck on ur new career of complaining or just making excuses all the time…

  2. brian hardin

    August 5, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    if “tito” could get back to his level of training i think he could pose as a threat once again .i think if he could get back his balls and start to take chances once again he could be back on the top of his game once again. he is not going to ever make any money if he keeps sitting on the sidelines complaining about it. i am a tito fan but i also think that if he was on top again more people would listen to him.

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