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Mauricio Shogun On Fighting Dan Henderson At UFC 139, Talks About His Childhood House Party Fights In Brazil

Shogun’s UFC 139 Pre Fight Interview for his Main Event fight against Dan Henderson:


Here is Shogun fighting in a small tournament in a house party in Curitiba, Brazil:

Here’s the snip on his childhood fights:

Pride FC and former UFC light heavyweight champion fighter Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (black trunks) has made a name for himself as one of the pound for pound MMA fighters today. This rare video brings a look at the childhood, 16, of a young fighter before he actually realizes he should train and save his fighting for a ring or octagon. 

Watch as the legendary fighter goes multiple rounds standing up with another guy (who is a blend of Lyoto Machida and Carlos Condit) at a house party in Curitiba, Brazil. All for the love of fighting it looks like. The winner does receive a trophy though.

Shogun’s passion has yet to change after around 13 years since this video was recorded. As his training camp for all of his fighting career, Chute Boxe in Brazil, is notorious for this type of aggressive action during just preparations for an upcoming professional bout. Even during training the fighters in that camp do not mind knocking each other out with a fight just a month away.

(Watch for the patented Shogun mouthpiece smile at around the 4:00 mark. Also, notice that Brazilians use Muay Thai when they fight at parties, while Americans still continue to just box.)

The Brazilian crowd chanting during and in-between rounds is bone chilling. That house party was literally an UFC arena for the night. 

Spoiler alert, Shogun Rua is defeated by TKO due to a head kick. Thank you, Brazilian man who may become a legend due to this video. For prompting one fighter to improve and want to terrorize opponents with his skills.


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