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Why Isn’t Clay Guida In The ‘UFC 2009 Undisputed’ Video Game?


UFC’s lightweight fighter Clay Guida was recently interviewed by CageWriter and he gives his reasons as to why he was not a part of the new  ‘UFC 2009 Undisputed’ video game .  We had received a few e-mails regarding Guida and why he wasn’t included in the UFC lightweight roster.  According to Guida, there’s actually a story behind all of this.

Snip from Clay Guida himself:

“In Columbus, Dana White offered me $10,000 to cut it. First it was $5,000, and then $10,000, and I laughed. I told him to add a couple zeros and we’ll talk. The hair’s here to  stay. It’s part of my style, part of my trademark.  It wasn’t because of the video game, but my hair is the reason I’m not in the video game. They couldn’t perfect it. They didn’t have enough technology to do it right. More to come for 2010. It will be bigger, better, more sharp, and hopefully I’ll be wearing the belt in that game”



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