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War of Words Escalates Between UFC Fighters James Toney and Jon Jones

Boxing legend and now a UFC newcomer, James ‘Lights Out’ Toney, had a few words for the UFC on Versus 2 main event winner Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.  Apparently, Toney didn’t really like what Jones had to say about him in his upcoming bout against Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture at UFC 118.

Jones told media that Toney was naive and ignorant to believe that he can beat Couture.  Toney responded to those comments by stating that after he was done beating ‘The Natural’, he’ll be happy to put away ‘Bones’ next.  Jones had his response, saying that he’d be willing to go up to heavyweight just to beat Toney up.

The war of words…

From James Toney:

“Jon ‘Homo’ Jones better do his research before he talks shit about me. He doesn’t know anything about me. He’s about to learn though because when I see Jon Jones, I’ma slap his ass. I don’t play those games. He better learn how to fight before he talks shit about me. Jones is the 2010 Rampage Jackson; both straight up yes men. Tell him to go drink an Ecstasy drink because I heard that’s what he likes to do; just another bitch ass New Yorker.”

From Jon Jones:

“It’s funny. Someone asked me about the way I feel about James Toney and I just said that I think he’s naive and ignorant by thinking he can stop Randy Couture’s wrestling with a hand combination, I guess he took offense to that. He said he would slap me if he ever saw me at a UFC event. I’ll let that guy prove his own ignorance. Obviously slapping me he could face some assault and battery charges. How about this, get by Randy Couture first and then call me out, and we can settle it inside the Octagon. I would move up to heavyweight to beat him up.”

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