Wanderlei Silva To Fight Keith Jardine Next Or Will He Move Down to Middleweight?

There are rumors stating that Wanderlei "Axe Murderer" Silva will be
fighting Keith Jardine as his next UFC opponent.  However, there is nothing
confirmed yet as many of us continue waiting patiently to see who the axe murderer will fight next.

Days after Wandy fought Chuck Liddell in December, there were also speculations
of him moving down in weight, from light heavyweight and into the
middleweight division.  In a recent interview with Wandy’s trainer, this is what he
had to say:

"we can’t confirm anything about the next fight, if just because there is the
chance Wand will drop down in weight. Every fight and adversary is different,
which is why we have to wait to define our training plan. If he should drop to
middleweight, we will work on his losing weight and preserving his muscle mass,
losing only water and fat and not strength and size, since he normally weight
98 kilos. But nothing’s for sure yet, we’ll wait and see."

Many have
already stated in the past that the UFC has been running out of middleweight
contenders and that there is no competition for Anderson  Silva .  Could this really be true??  I think we’d have to ask Dan Henderson and
see what he thinks. 

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