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Wanderlei Silva Predicts Second Round KO Over Michael Bisping, Wants To Fight Rich Franklin Next

For the first time in UFC history, the North American organization will travel to Sydney, Australia to bring in one of the most exciting fight cards.  Wanderlei ‘The Axe Murderer’ Silva is scheduled to take on Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping as part of the co-main event on February 20th at UFC 110.    In a recent interveiw with the Axe Murderer, he tells us about his intense training and his predictions for his fight against Bisping.  Silva believes he’ll knock out Bisping in the second round, do you see the same thing happen??

Snip from Wanderlei Silva:

“I like the fight with Michael Bisping, he’s got a great style. Sometimes guys respect you so much, it’s OK, you’re a professional, but some guys don’t respect you and that’s OK, too. I love that. The second round is good — I’m going to try in the second. Going to try in the first, too, sure. A part of the fights today is everybody is a strong guy, big guy. You wrap your hands, but it’s still solid. One touch and it’s done. One wrong movement and a guy catches you, it’s done. I like the fight with Michael Bisping though. He’s got a great style…[In regards to his ground game] Yeah, I love jiu-jitsu. I train it every day. I train more jiu-jitsu for defense so guys don’t submit me. I know a lot of good positions. I watched Bisping fight against Dennis Kang (at UFC 105) and I think Dennis Kang had his best moments on top on the ground. Bisping is good on standup and I think on the ground he’s good, but on top of him would be a good position for me. Maybe I’ll look to do that in this fight…[In regards to avenging his losses] I wanted to fight with Dan Henderson, but he left (for Strikeforce). I would say Rich Franklin. Our first fight was a close match. I think I won, he thought he won. It was a tough decision. But the UFC is great with a lot of good fighters. So all fights have the potential to be a great match.”

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