Update: Jon Fitch Signs Video Game Agreement, Ready To Fight Akihiro Gono At UFC 94

Jon Fitch has finally talked to UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta in regards to the "video game agreement" and they have come to a decisive conclusion.  Fitch has signed the agreement and this means that he’ll be back in the octagon at UFC 94 to face Akihiro "Magic Man" Gono.  Although Fitch and Dana White have not yet spoken, both parties have agreed to leave the topic behind and go back to work.

Here’s a snip from UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch:

“Communication kind of broke down with Dana (White) so we talked with
Lorenzo…(I) just got off the phone with him and
we came to an agreement. We’re going to move ahead and I’ll be back in
the UFC. We’re going to sign off on the video game and I’m back. It was
never even about the agreement or the contract. It was the approach
that we felt Dana was being a little bit hot-headed and was threatening
us right off the bat. It didn’t seem like a professional way of doing

(props to mmarated)

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