UFC’s Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Pleads Guilty For Reckless Driving Incident

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson pleaded guilty today to felony evading police and misdemeanor reckless
driving for a high-speed chase down Newport Boulevard in Orange County, California. 

Rampage was reported by police to have driven a huge truck with a picture of himself imprinted on the doors outside of the vehicle.  He hit two cars on the 55 Freeway in Orange County and then exited the freeway.  He proceeded to drive down the crowded sidewalks, causing pedestrians to run for their lives.  He then collided with another vehicle on an intersection and continued to drive down sidewalks doing the same thing.  Eventually, his tires began to disintegrate and that’s when cops pulled in to finally arrest him at gunpoint.  Hours later, the former UFC light heavyweight champion admitted that he delirious from a lack of sleep and lack of food when he launched the wild police chase.

The judge gave Rampage 200 hours of community service where he’ll be speaking to youth groups.  He will also have to seek mental heath therapy, and pay restitution to the people whose cars he damaged.

Here’s a snip from Rampage immediately after the trial:

"No one wants to get to jail…But my main concern was that no one got hurt. I am so relieved and happy that no one was injured…I feel sorry for everything that happened, and I apologize."

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