UFC’s Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson: “If Convicted He’ll Face Three Years In Prison”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson may be serving up to 3 years of jail time after a hit and run incident he had back on July 15th.  According to a recent report on, Rampage was accused of "six crimes in connection with the epic car chase."  Fortunately for Rampage, he was not accused for the miscarriage a woman had a few days after the whole wreckless driving incident.  Investigators stated that her miscarriage was "unrelated to the accident."

Here’s the full report:

The Orange County District Attorney has charged Rampage with one felony
count of evading while driving recklessly, one felony count of evading
a peace officer, three misdemeanor counts of hit and run, and one
misdemeanor reckless driving. You’ll recall Rampage was driving a
monster truck with a huge image of himself plastered on the side
(always a bad move when you’re evading police) when he allegedly struck
two cars on a freeway, hit another car on a surface street and sent
pedestrians scurrying for their lives.

If convicted he’ll face three years in prison.

shock of shocks. He was NOT charged with DUI. And, a few days after the
incident, a pregnant woman in the car he hit on the freeway lost her
baby, but Rampage was not charged for that after an investigation
revealed that the miscarriage was unrelated to the accident.

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