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UFCs Marc Ratner Confident In Getting MMA Approval In New York, First Event Hopefully By Early 2011

The UFC has been trying to get the rising sport of mixed martial arts sanctioned in the state of New York for quite sometime.  UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner strongly feels that MMA approval should be extremely close.  It’s so close that Ratner truly believes that we’ll be having a UFC event in Madison Square Garden by early 2011.

From Marc Ratner:

“To me there’s no fathomable reason the sport shouldn’t be regulated in New York. Nobody can give me a real reason for it not to be here. This isn’t 1995 anymore. They do have rules. It’s not no-holds barred anymore. I’m feeling very strongly we’re going to get it done. I’m feeling confident. I want the commission to be completely ready for it. I want their employees ready, the judges trained, as well as the referees and inspectors. There’s no reason for this sport not to be allowed in New York.”

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