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UFC’s Brock Lesnar: “I Watch The Other Heavyweights And I Don’t Feel Threatened By Any Of Them”


The current interim heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar seems very confident with his fight skills and he’s ready to take on any heavyweight that challenges him for the belt.  His upcoming fight is a rematch bout against Frank Mir for the UFC heavyweight title unification.  Although Mir defeated Lesnar once before at UFC 81 via a kneebar submission, Lesnar assured media and fans that this next fight will not end the same way.  Instead, he pretty much guaranteed a victory over Mir by whatever means necessary.

Lesnar talks about his involvement with mixed martial arts and how money is the main reason why he decided to sign with the UFC.  He understands the hard work and dedication required to stay at the top of his division, but at the end of the day it’s the big paycheck that counts.

Snip from Brock Lesnar himself:

“I watch the other heavyweights and I don’t feel threatened by any of them…It doesn’t mean jack s*** to me. I just want to win fights and make as much money as I can…It’s all part of the plan and it’s a dream come true. I’m not getting caught up in la-la land. I’m keeping everything in perspective and keeping it real…But even though I’ve got the belt, I can still become a better fighter. It poses a whole other threat now, with people gunning for you and not just me trying to climb the ladder…I’ve had plenty of jobs to put food on the table. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota so I’m no stranger to hard work…But you have to make money. If there wasn’t a prize or a guy couldn’t make a living out of this I highly doubt that anybody would fight…Put it this way, guys play golf for recreation. You don’t fight and get bloody noses and black eyes for fun. I’m a grown man and I have to make a living out of this.”

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