UFC’s BJ Penn: “Fighting GSP is all I think about every day”

BJ "The Prodigy" Penn is pretty much set for next weekend's UFC 80-Rapid Fire.  Penn will be taking on the very tough Joe Stevenson for the UFC lightweight interim title.  Nonetheless, Penn can't stop thinking about a rematch fight with either George St. Pierre or Matt Hughes if he is successful at UFC 80.

Here's a snip from The Prodigy himself:

Fighting GSP is all I think about every day. A rematch
would be very good and I’ll make sure that I will 100 per cent guarantee
victory if we fight again…I’d love to fight Matt Hughes again but I think he
could walk away after his loss to St Pierre…If he does walk away from the
sport, I wouldn’t be surprised after what happened the other night…Before his
fight with Georges, I was really hoping I’d get another shot at Matt Hughes but
after that fight, that was so embarrassing for him I don’t know how he’s going
to rebound from that…I’d love to fight him again. If we can put the fight
together somehow I’d love it but he’s also getting older so I don’t know what’s
going to happen."

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