“UFC Unleased” and “The Tuffest 25 Moments” Televised Tonight on Spike TV

There will be two UFC shows that will be aired tonight for free on Spike TV.  We start off with UFC Unleashed, which starts at 7pm ET and it will be an hour-long presentation on some of the best fights in the UFC.  The show will feature historical fights, legendary fighters and previews of upcoming bouts.

Following UFC Unleashed is The Ultimate Fighter: The Tuffest 25 momentsThe Ultimate fighter began in January of 2005 and has been considered one of Spike TV’s most watched television shows.  This two-hour special will be hosted by two popular UFC light heavyweight ultimate fighters, Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar.  Both fighters will be presenting us 25 of the most toughest moments in the history of the television show- The Ultimate Fighter.  The series’ producers and UFC viewers voted for these 25 all-time Ultimate Fighter "tuffest moments."

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