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UFC To Release Houston Alexander Due To Poor Performance Against Kimbo Slice At TUF 10 Finale

Houston Alexander punched Kimbo

UFC President Dana White seemed pretty upset with Houston Alexander’s game plan coming into his TUF 10 Finale fight against Kimbo Slice.  Due to his performance, Alexander will be getting cut by the UFC anytime now.  Whether you blame it on Alexander or his coaching staff, it doesn’t really matter anymore because in the eyes of Dana, he ran away from Kimbo just like Kalib Starnes did against Nate Quarry.  That’s a no no in the UFC…

From Dana White:

“Whoever came up with Houston Alexander’s game plan ought to be kicked in the nuts for about five minutes. I don’t know if his coaches came up with that or whatever but not only did they give him the wrong game plan, they completely destroyed everything about Houston Alexander. It was making me sick. I don’t know if Kalib Starnes trained him for that fight or what the deal was but it was horrible. Kimbo was chasing him around the ring asking him to engage, trying to make it a fight and Houston didn’t want to fight him. If we didn’t cut him yet, we’re cutting him — soon.”

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