UFC Releases Dean ‘The Boogeyman’ Lister, Apologizes For Losing To Okami At UFC 92

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Dean "The Boogeyman" Lister (11-6) is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Yushin "Thunder" Okami 23-4) at the UFC 92 ‘The Ultimate 2008’ event.  Strangely, his bout against Okami was set as part of the preliminary fight card and was not aired that night.  We say "strangely" because Lister was 4-1 in the UFC prior to the fight.  Not only that, but Okami was one fight away from attaining a UFC middleweight title shot if he were to beat Lister.  The Boogeyman has never been stopped in a fight before, losing all of six losses by way of decision

Following his loss to Okami, the UFC decided to release Lister for his lack luster performance.  According to a report, his fight with Okami was highly criticized by some of his fans and even the President of the UFC Dana White.  The Jiu-Jitsu expert apologized for the disappointing fight he had with Okami and hopes to someday return to the UFC:

"I would almost like to make this an "I apologize from Dean Lister" thread…
that would be way way too lame. Listen I had a very poor performance my
last fight. Truth is that I let my team and my gym, my friends and
definitely myself down for this fight. Its not only that I lost but I
really showed a poor performance. I had a much better showing against
Arona (even though that was only primarily a grappling fight that I
lost) even in Pride who is a better fighter than Okami for sure. Things
just didnt come together for me this fight. I trained so, so hard, I
really trained hard but it didnt work out. I expect a few weak and mean
tempered responses to my thread here, that is OK, I expect this thing
from young whack offs who have no (zero) life experience. If there is a
damn, huge amount then I will as a pro fighter completely and 100% stop
ever posting here on I do apologize for things and how they
turned out, especially to my fans and my friends and my team, (none of
you deserve this, it’s no one’s fault but my own). Things in life are
strange. All I can say is in late 90s I was mediocre at best in BJJ,
but with some patience, I became world champion in ADCC Absolute WORLD
CHAMP IN MOTHA FUCKIN BRAZIL!!!!!!!!! If you say that MMA is different
than ADCC, that’s fine, I heard the same thing changing from Gi to
No-Gi (that’s how long i’ve been around the damm game). Really it
doesn’t matter. For those that hate, it’s all good and I will work to
make you all fans, For those who believe in me, I have NEVER been
finished and I will work hard to ONLY finish my opponents, and you guys
and gals are my inspiration to go on living every day. For those who
really, really, really hate me and have the balls to come tell me to my
face, I am very curious to meet you and to compare your superior style,
technique and work ethic, even though I had a piss poor performance in
UFC, i’m still in good shape. let me know if you want to "teach me a
few MMA moves" cause I can really need the help and i’m an eager
student. Only problems is you would have to come and see me in person.
3666 Midway Dr. San Diego CA, 921101, Im there everyday at 4:30. For
anyone with the correct instruction, I await your appearance, come by
and later after training I’ll buy you a guinness (I won’t be drinking
it by the way, but I should still offer ya know??), only if you are old
enough to drink (remember I’m not in the business of contributing to
minors OK)."

(Dean Lister posted this in a forum at

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