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UFC Fighter Rampage Jackson Dismissed From Miscarriage Lawsuit

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has been dismissed from a lawsuit that was putting his mixed martial arts career in jeopardy.  According to the report, plaintiff Holli Griggs has agreed to drop all charges against Jackson after suing him for his awkward incident involving his truck.  The craziness happened right after losing his title to Forrest Griffin at UFC 86.


The woman who claimed she was hit in Rampage Jackson’s infamous monster truck chase — and miscarried as a result — has officially dropped her lawsuit against the UFC fighter.
As we previously reported, a woman named Holli Griggs filed a lawsuit against Rampage after the 2008 incident claiming she miscarried when Jackson repeatedly rammed into her car during a crazy police chase through Orange County, CA.
Jackson was eventually arrested and pled guilty to one felony charge of evading police. An investigation later determined that the crash did not cause Griggs to miscarry.
It’s unclear if the two sides reached a settlement.
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