UFC Fight Quote from Matt Serra: GSP “Looks like the poster boy for Crest. He’s Captain Canada!”


"You know he’s very gifted athlete. There are probably a lot
of sports he could be good at. I think it’s more about the guys he’s fighting:
who are both talented fighters in there own right, even Matt Hughes who I can’t
stand of course. With GSP I think it’s about how you go in there mentally. I’m
not going to go in there thinking how can I beat this guy by decision? I’m
going in there with the mentality: the hell with him, I’m trying to take him
out, it’s him or me! That’s why I was smiling the first time I got in there
with him. You give me a title shot and I’m going to f***ing go for it. Who
wants to watch a five round boring fight? I think with my jujitsu skills I can
defend myself against anybody, but I’m not there to defend myself. I’m there to
try to take someone out! It’s me or him homey. Let the chips fall where they
may… I think it’s the whole package with
St. Pierre. I just got back from Canada where we
did a press conference to hype the fight. Dana White starts off the conference
talking about how sponsors are tripping over their feet to get to GSP, and how
he’s shocked that Georges isn’t on a Wheaties box yet. Then he gets to me and
he’s like Matt’s a really unique individual. But I don’t blame him I mean look
at GSP. He looks like the poster boy for Crest. He’s Captain

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