UFC Fight Night 13: Bonuses Awarded For “Knockout of the Night,” “Submission of the Night” And “Fight of the Night”

Like always, Dana White and the UFC gave out some bonuses to the bouts that earned either the "Knockout of the Night," "Submission of the Night," or  "Fight of the Night."  A total of $20,000 USD was given out at the UFC Fight Night 13 event.

"Submission of the Night" seemed pretty obvious with Nate Diaz defeating Kurt Pellegrino via a triangle choke.  Not only was it a good submission, but it was a great fight and a great comeback win for the young Diaz fighter.  Pellegrino was pretty much the stronger fighter in the match, showing much more strength and versatility throughout the first round.  Pellegrino continued with the same game plan that seemed to be working, but the long legs of Nate Diaz were able to wrap up Pellegrino with ease and he was able to pull out a win via a triangle choke submission.  With two fingers in the air, Nate confidently knew he’d be victorious prior to Pellegrino’s tap out. 

"Knockout of the Night" was obviously awarded to James Irvin who knocked out Houston Alexander in just 8 seconds (fastest knockout in UFC history).  We all knew it was going to be a quick fight as they came in swinging away from the very start, but it was Irvin who came in stronger and knocked out Alexander cold.  Although Alexander felt that the referee made a mistake in stopping the fight soon, it looked like his lights were out immediately after the first punch to the chin.

The "Fight of the Night" was awarded to the main event fighters.  Kenny Florian and Joe Lauzon put up a great show on Wednesday night when they went at it toe for toe in one of the biggest lightweight bouts of the year.  They were both exchanging blows throughout the entire first round.  However, Florian showed how tough of a competitor he is with total ground domination.  Ken Flo became the aggressor in the second round as he was able to finish the fight when he mounted on Lauzon for several minutes.  It wasn’t easy to finish Lauzon even though Florian was fully mounted.  Lauzon kept trying to slip out, but Florian proceeded with several punches to the face as there was absolutely no escape.  Florian is victorious once again and who could be next in line?  We’ll just have to wait and see…

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