UFC Fight Night 11 Payroll: Kenny Florian vs Din Thomas

Main Fight


Kenny Florian Vs. Din Thomas
(Kenny Florian-$22,000 and Din Thomas- $16,000 )

Chris Leben Vs. Terry Martin
(Chris Leben- $20,000 and Terry Martin- $12,000)

Nathan Diaz vs. Junior Assuncao
(Nate Diaz-$30,000 and Junior Assuncao $6,000 )

Nate Quarry Vs. Pete Sell
(Nate Quarry- $20,000 and Pete Sell- $10,000)

Preliminary Fight

Edilberto Crocota de Oliveira Vs. Luke Cummo
(Luke Cummo- $32,000 and Edilberto Crocota de Oliveira- $4,000)

Leonard Garcia Vs. Cole Miller
(Cole Miller- $16,000 and Leonard Garcia- $6,000)

Gray Maynard Vs. Joe Veres
(Gray Maynard- $16,000 and Joe Veres- $3,000)

Kuniyoshi Hironaka Vs. Thiago Alves
(Thiago Alves- $28,000 and Kuniyoshi Hironaka- $10,000)

Dustin Hazelett Vs. Jonathan Goulet
(Dustin Hazelett- $16,000 and Jonathan Goulet- $6,500)

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