UFC 91 Post-Fight: Brock Lesnar And Randy Couture Discuss Their Thoughts On Main Event

Brock Lesnar, the former WWE heavyweight superstar, has converted into the new UFC heavyweight champion.  Prior to the UFC 91 main bout, many UFC/MMA fans were furious with Lesnar being given a chance at the UFC title.  Lesnar came into the octagon last night with a 2-1 overall mixed martial arts record, but left the MGM Grand Garden arena with a 3-1 record, the UFC heavyweight belt and a huge smile on his face. 

Here’s a snip from Lesnar as he is crowned with the new UFC heavyweight title:

"It sounds good…I can’t believe it. I want to thank (UFC President) Dana White, the UFC, and I want to thank this guy, Randy Couture…It takes a lot of balls to take a year off and come back and fight a young buck like me…I just believe in hard work and that it pays off…I may come across as a cocky SOB, but I’m just confident."

Randy "The Natural" Couture replied to Lesnar’s comments and added some extra thoughts on the main event.  Although Couture lost to Lesnar in the second round via TKO-strikes, he accepted the defeat with a positive attitude.  The fans applauded his performance as he was interviewed by UFC announcer Joe Rogan:

"There was some big ass ham hocks coming at you (regarding Lesnar’s big fists)…It’s hard to get out of the way of those…That’s just a big son of a bitch, that’s all there is to it…We’ll let things settle out and figure out what we want to do…I still feel like I’m getting better as a fighter. We’ll see what happens."

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