UFC 90: Anderson Silva Says “It’s Going To Be Real Fun” Fighting Patrick Cote

Anderson "The Spider" Silva is currently preparing to defend his UFC middleweight title once again, but this time it’s against the very tough Patrick "The Predator" Cote.  Cote will step into the cage on October 25th with 4 consecutive UFC wins.  The Canadian challenger has never been knocked out once in his MMA career nor does he plan on doing so at UFC 90. 

The Spider respects Cote and doesn’t ever underestimate any of his opponents.  He believes that every fighter has their weaknesses and admits that although he has a 7-fight winning streak going in the UFC, he is indeed "beatable."  That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to lose to Cote, but then again anything can happen when it comes to mixed martial arts. 

Here’s a snip from Silva:

"I think it’s going to be real fun…He is going to come out and stand
up with me and it will be exciting and entertaining. He’s going to hit
me and I’m going to hit him a few times and we’ll see what happens…I
believe in every opponent there are some weak points that I can
capitalize on…He may find some weak points in my game where he can
capitalize on me, but I am very confident and I’m training very hard. I
think Patrick Cote is right: I am beatable…I believe the confidence
that Patrick Cote has is a good thing…Every fighter should be
confident and the same way he’s confident I’m confident. If Cote thinks
he’s going to knock me out or submit me in the third round that’s a
good thing to think that. But there is an opportunity that he might get
knocked out or submitted. I believe everybody is beatable and that’s
what makes this sport so interesting."

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