UFC 87: Kenny Florian Says Roger Huerta “Has to be worried about a lot of things”

At UFC 64: Unstoppable, Florian was given the opportunity to attain the UFC lightweight belt for the very first time in his UFC career when he faced Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk. Unfortunately for Florian, the unanimous decision loss put him back down on the waiting list as he waited patiently for a second shot at the title.

After his devastating loss to Sherk, Florian never lost one fight and has proven to be one of the top lightweight contenders in the MMA world today.  Not only has he won, but he has also made his point across to all of the fighters in his division that dare step in his way. Florian submitted three of his last 4 opponents and then destroyed his last opponent, Joe Lauzon, by way of TKO-strikes.  Now, he’ll be given one of the most difficult tasks since fighting Sherk for the title.

Kenny “Kenflo” Florian admits that his next bout with Roger “El Matador” Huerta will be one of the toughest bouts of his MMA career. Florian will be looking for his fifth consecutive win this Saturday night at UFC 87 and he knows that a victory here could only mean a step closer to the UFC lightweight title once again.

Here’s a snip from Kenflo:

“I really believe I have an advantage everywhere…If I go in there and I fight a dynamic fight, like I can, he’s not going to be sure whether I’m going to take him down, whether I’m going to strike with him, whether I want to come with a knee or if I’m going to do a kick, a punch, an elbow; he has to be worried about a lot of things with me…He’s got to go in there and be confident and know that he’s going to win and I’m the same way…Of course there’s a way to do it respectfully, but Roger’s saying it’s going to be a cakewalk. I don’t think he believes that and if he does believe it, he’s going to be in trouble.”

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