UFC 87: Brock Lesnar Laughs At Heath Herring During Fight, Picture Of Victory Celebration

During the UFC 87 bout between Brock Lesnar and Heath "Texas Crazy Horse" Herring, there was a moment of laughter for the former WWE superstar. 

In the following picture, you can see Lesnar mounted on Herring’s back as he pounded Herring’s head over and over with his insanely large fists.  Although this move ocurred throughout most of the fight, there was an instant where Herring was able to get Lesnar off of his back.  Herring immediately throws a right hook, but Lesnar reacted by ducking and then escaping the wild swing. 

Once both fighters were up on their feet, you can see Lesnar pointing and laughing at Herring like a little kid.  To some MMA fans, the moment of laughter was quite funny while other fans looked at it as a sense of disrespect and immaturity.    Check out the pic and decide for yourself…

Here’s how Brock Lesnar celebrated once he was given the unanimous decision win over Heath Herring:



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