UFC 85: Rashad Evans Respects Chuck Liddell- “I Think He’s A Legend”

Surprisingly, Rashad "Sugar" Evans actually had a few good things to say about Chuck Liddell.  Even though Evans is usually well known for trash talking his opponents, he greatly admires Liddell for what he has accomplished throughout his UFC career.  Evans is currently training hardcore as he prepares to face one of the toughest fighters in his MMA career.  He is scheduled to take on the Iceman in London, England this upcoming June at UFC 85.

Here’s a snip from Rashad Evans:

“I’ve always said that I wanted to be the best and that I wanted to leave my mark in this sport…The only way you can do that is by facing the best. I’m not a fighter
who wants to fill himself with false hope that I’m something that I’m
not. I think I’m the best, so I’m gonna go out there, fight the best,
and test myself…I think he’s (Chuck Liddell) a legend…No one has dominated a weight class for as long as he did, and when he
went on that seven fight win streak, just knocking people out, that was
very impressive and you can never take that away from a fighter. I
think he solidified himself in the sport by doing that…With my background, wrestling has always been something that I’ve
focused on, and it’s been a part of me. But I can definitely stand up
and I do like to do it. In training I stand up with the best of them
and I know I can do it in a fight and stand up the whole time if I have
to….I’ve gotten a warm response from the London fans in the past. I went
out there with the UFC for a martial arts expo last year, I met a few
fans, and they’ve all hit me up on myspace, asking me when I’m coming
back, so I think it’s gonna be good to fight in London.”

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