UFC 85: Matt Hughes Discusses His Thoughts On Thiago Alves

Matt Hughes talks about his upcoming fight with Thiago Alves.  Although he was given the fight on short notice, Hughes states “I’m a fighter and that’s what I’m supposed to do, fight."  At this fight, we’ll be able to see two different fighting styles because Alves is known for his great stand-up skills and Hughes has always been an excellent ground specialist.  It’s a must-see bout for all mixed martial arts fans around the world.  The UFC 85 event is scheduled to take place on June 7th in London, England.

Does Hughes still have that passion, the desire or the will of the former UFC welterweight champion that we all remember?

Here’s a snip from Matt Hughes himself:

“To be honest, I like the matchup… He’s a stand-up guy. On
the ground, he’s not nearly as dangerous. I’ll be stronger, I believe I’ll be
the better wrestler and I like the fact he’s kind of a slow starter. I think I
can wear him out before he gets going… They (referring to Randy Couture and Chuck
Liddell) can still do it, so there’s no reason why I can’t… I’ve pulled out
some of the old Matt Hughes tapes and I’m trying to get back to being that
fighter…I feel like I have a lot of good fights still left and I’m excited
about it… I’m thankful this opportunity came along with Thiago, because Serra’s
not going to be ready to fight for a while after his fight with Georges and I’m
anxious to get back. Nobody should write me off just yet.”

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