UFC 84: Wanderlei Silva Says “I Need To Win” Against Keith Jardine

Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva continues his hardcore training sessions as he prepares to face Keith Jardine at UFC 84: Ill Will.  The bout is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 24th at Nevada’s MGM Grand Garden arena. 

Silva has said in many of his interviews that he prefers to lose in an exciting fight where all of the fans are cheering with excitement than to be victorious in a boring fight.  The former PrideFC champion has struggled to add a win to his record, losing 3 consecutive MMA bouts.  This time, he would like to change it up a little bit… perhaps by winning.

Here’s a snip from the Axe Murderer:

“This is very important to me.  Because the last fight was a very good fight
but I lose which was bad for me. Everybody likes my fight style but now I need to win. I win many fight in my career. I need to win. I’m training more. I’m drinking my supplements, I’m
sleeping. I’m eating. I’m working 24 hours a day for this fight. Every fight is important but this fight is
tremendously more important to me. His
style is a nice style his fighting is I don’t know it’s a different style but
he beat many, he beat Forrest, he beat Chuck and he is a good name to me. I think that it’s a good match. I go to prepare for his technique. I train a lot of Muay
Thai.  I’m training a lot of wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. I’m prepared for every situation for this
fight. He has a good style he likes to
fight standup and it’s good for fans it’s more emotional. I love this. I think this is a good opponent for me.”

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