UFC 84: Sean Sherk Says That BJ Penn’s Cardio Is Really Bad

Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk is more than ready for this fight coming up on Saturday night against BJ "The Prodigy" Penn.  He’s coming into the octagon to prove how much the belt means to him, especially Penn who said "you’re dead" during the UFC 80 event.  Sherk still feels that he has let his fans down with the fact that he tested positive for steroids.  He insists that it was huge mistake by the Nevada State athletic commission (NSAC) and that there was nothing else he could do to convince the NSAC that he wasn’t guilty:

"A lot of fans out there think I [took steroids], and I’m not going to change their minds…It’s going to take time to repair that…It was like a bad dream…It took me a while to realize what was going on. I never imagined in a million years that I’d test positive.”

Sherk wants to prove he is indeed one of the top lightweight fighters in the world.  He is hungry and desperate for his fight against the Prodigy.  There will only be one way to prove who really is the best in the UFC at the lightweight division.  On May 24th at UFC 84, BJ Penn will face Sean Sherk for the UFC lightweight title.  There will only be one winner on that night and here’s what Sherk has to say about Penn:

“His cardio’s really bad, and I don’t see a lot of heart there…When the going gets tough, he tends to quit, and there’s not a situation, mentally or physically, that can make me quit when I step in that cage…He’s just one of those guys…I know he’s talked a lot of garbage about me. He definitely wants to believe I took something because he doesn’t have the work ethic I do. His theory is if you look like I do, you have to be on something…I look at some of these rankings, and I’m still not on some of them…What sense does that make? People say I don’t have any credentials because I dropped down to lightweight, but I’ve got credentials as a welterweight. Those don’t follow me? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I’ve been nothing but respectful…I’m just a working guy trying to support my family. I carry myself better as a professional than [Penn] does. There’s no reason to see me as the villain."

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