UFC 84 Ill Will Payday Results

The complete payroll for the fighters that participated on Saturday night’s UFC 84- ILL WILL event has been released.   The fighter salaries do not include fight bonuses, sponsorships, percentages and other unofficial payments. It also does not include deductions for expenses such as insurance, taxes, etc. The total fighter payroll came out to be $1,098,000.00USD and here is the entire breakdown:

Fight Card:

B.J. Penn Vs. Sean Sherk(B.J. Penn gets $250,000; $125,000 to show and $125,000 to win)(Sean Sherk gets $35,000)

Wanderlei Silva Vs. Keith Jardine (Wanderlei Silva gets $150,000)(Keith Jardine gets $10,000)

Lyoto Machida Vs. Tito Ortiz (Lyoto Machida gets $100,000; $50,000 to show and $50,000 to win)(Tito Ortiz gets $210,000)

Thiago Silva Vs. Antonio Mendes (Thiago Silva gets $50,000: $25,000 to show and $25,000 to win)(Antonio Mendes gets $4,000)

Preliminary Fight Card:

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura (Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou gets $80,000; $40,000 to show and $40,000 to win)(Kazuhiro Nakamura gets $20,000)

Rousimar Palhares Vs. Ivan Salaverry (Rousimar Palhares gets $10,000; $5,000 to show and $5,000 to win)(Ivan Salaverry gets $20,000)

Goran Reljic Vs. Wilson Gouveia (Goran Reljic gets $6,000; $3,000 to show and $3,000 to win)(Wilson Gouveia gets $18,000)

Yoshiyuki Yoshida Vs. Jon Koppenhaver (Yoshiyuki Yoshida gets $12,000; $6,000 to show and $6,000 to win)(Jon Koppenhaver gets $8,000)

Dong Hyun Kim Vs. Jason Tan (Dong Hyun Kim gets $40,000; $20,000 to show and $20,000 to win)( Jason Tan gets $3,000)

Rich Clementi Vs. Terry Etim (Rich Clementi gets $40,000; $20,000 to show and $20,000 to win)(Terry Etim gets $10,000)

Shane Carwin Vs. Christian Wellisch (Shane Carwin gets $12,000; $6,000 to show and $6,000 to win)(Christian Wellisch gets $10,000)

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