UFC 83: Matt Serra Ready for GSP- “It’s Easy To Get Motivated When You Know Someone Wants To Put A Hole Through Your Face”

Matt Serra feels confident as he prepares to take on George St. Pierre in Canada at UFC 83.  Although he hurt his back in December and had to cancel his fight with Matt Hughes, he feels recuperated and ready to take on GSP. 

Here’s a snip from Matt Serra:

“It’s not going to be a factor (regarding his back)…It’s going to be fine… I’ll be great for the fight. I would never have the fight if I felt that I couldn’t be myself…Obviously, after last time, the guy’s going to want to do some damage to me…So unless I want to get my ass kicked, I got to train my ass off. It’s easy to get motivated when you know someone wants to put a hole through your face…(GSP) is a very talented guy, you know…I’ve just seen both with Koscheck and Hughes, it’s almost that — it’s not that I care about being disrespectful to Hughes — but it’s almost like I see two guys that want to get hit less than GSP. The last guy, besides myself, that gave GSP all he could handle was B.J. (Penn) because B.J. don’t give a f***. And I think that’s the attitude you have to have…You have to kind of put yourself in the danger zone with this guy…And I feel you have to have the mentality like ‘him or me.’ That type of mentality"

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