UFC 82 Interview: Diego Sanchez Wants To Be “One Of The Most Exciting Champions Ever”

Diego Sanchez is scheduled to fight David Bielkheden this
upcoming Saturday at UFC 82:Pride of a champion.  He describes the art of fighting as
something he was born to do, stating "it didn’t take me long to realize
that I had a natural talent." 

Sanchez was recently interviewed
regarding his past and how he began to love mixed martial arts.  He also
goes on to discuss how he plans to redeem himself after his last two losses with Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch:

How it all started for Sanchez:

drives me in the cage is to put my name in the history books, become a better
person, be an influence and become one of the most exciting champions ever…I
had been in some street wars (in Albuquerque) and it didn’t take me long to
realize that I had a natural talent…Being hit in the face didn’t faze me; I
liked being at war…They threw me hard guys every time…It was diverse and I
overcame a lot of guys. They gave me a title shot and I beat Jorge Santiago by
unanimous decision. Now I’m looking to be UFC champ”

Josh Koscheck

"The fight with Koscheck was a learning experience…I was sick, but that’s
not an excuse. I use it as a learning experience…as champ you have to work hard
and sacrifice"

Regarding Fitch:

"With Fitch, it was one of those fights where I wish we had more time
because I could feel him fatiguing. I want to rematch Josh and Jon, but the
only way to be champ is to overwork and stay focused."


“Being a ground guy I wanted to train with the best everyday…I felt I wasn’t
going to ride the coattails of a champion with (Georges)
St. Pierre
going to Greg Jackson’s. I had to leave, to bow out. I want to be champion.
It’s like when guys are in a tournament…when it’s over they bow out and I had
to bow out.”

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