UFC 82: Dustin Hazelett Talks Josh Koscheck And UFC

Dustin Hazelett has worked hard to get to where he is today.  It’s not easy being in the UFC, especially the welterweight division he chose to fight in.  When he gets chosen to fight top guys like Josh Koscheck, you can automatically tell that he’s going further up the ladder. 

Hazelett talks about how he’s been training and what he needs to do to win his fight this Saturday at the UFC 82: Pride of a Champion event:

“This (bout against Koscheck) proves that the UFC is taking me seriously…I believe they (UFC) know that I can compete with the top guys…I have been working very hard on my striking and outworking him on the ground…With his wrestling being so good, he has the ability to control where
the fight is going, but if I’m getting the better of him standing and
he takes me down, that also puts me in my strength…He is strong enough to lie on me and hold me down, but I am very good
at minimizing the amount of damage I take from being on my back…I am prepared for a 15-minute war, but I don’t see this going 15 minutes…I believe that I will be able to finish the fight."

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