UFC 81: Marvin Eastman and Terry Martin Ready for War Tonight

Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman (14-7-1) has a goal and his main objective is to fight and destroy the obstacles in his way to the middleweight title.  Eastman has been struggling to acquire a win in the UFC at the light heavyweight level, losing to Rampage Jackson in early 2007.  Now that he has dropped down from light heavyweight and into middleweight, things just might change positively for him.

Eastman is currently a light heavyweight champion for the Elite Fight Championship organization and won his last fight to Rob Kimmons at the International Fighting Organization (IFO).  He expects to do just as good when he faces a very tough Terry Martin (18-3-0) who is also hungry for a win as he recently lost to Chris Leben in a slugfest we could never forget at UFC Fight Night 11.  Either way, only one man will take home the win tonight.

Here’s what the Beastman has to say:


“I just expect him to come out hard and try to brawl…I don’t underestimate any opponent, I don’t look down at any opponent.
I know that they’re coming in to try and whup me and I ain’t trying to
have that. I’m not losing no more fights. Therefore he’s somebody in my
way of my objectives to be successful in the middleweight division and
ultimately get a title shot and the middleweight championship…I ain’t left 205 yet, I’m just taking a break…There’s just so many people in 205 right now. It makes sense to go down
to 185 for a little while, just get my feet wet. When I get the
opportunity to go back up to 205, I will. But right now I’m at 185.”

Regarding his loss to Rampage Jackson:

“Quinton is my buddy…He’s the top of the food chain right now. He’s a good dude. He’s
representing the light-heavyweight division and I don’t got nothing but
100 per cent respect for him. But you know ultimately when I fight, I
don’t respect anybody…And hell you can’t respect them when you’re in the ring because they’re trying to beat you up”

(props to the Canadian press)

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