UFC 81: Complete Fighter Salaries

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The complete payroll for the fighters that participated on Saturday night’s UFC 81-Breaking Point event has been released.   The fighter salaries do not include the  nor their pay per view cuts.

The total fighter payroll came out to be $892,000 USD and here is the entire breakdown:

Fight Card:

Tim Sylvia Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
(Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira gets $200,000 USD; Tim Sylvia gets $100,000 USD)

Frank Mir Vs. Brock Lesnar
(Frank Mir gets $80,000 USD; Brock Lesnar gets $250,000 USD)

Jeremy Horn Vs. Nate Marquardt
(Nate Marquardt gets $52,000 USD; Jeremy Horn gets $25,000 USD)

Ricardo Almeida Vs. Rob Yundt
(Ricardo Almeida gets $40,000 USD; Rob Yundt gets $5,000 USD)

Gleison Tibau Vs. Tyson Griffin
(Tyson Griffin Wins gets $36,000 USD; Gleison Tibau gets $11,000 USD)

Preliminary Fight Card:

Chris Lytle Vs. Kyle Bradley
(Chris Lytle gets $24,000 USD; Kyle Bradley gets $4,000 USD)

Marvin Eastman Vs. Terry Martin
(Marvin Eastman $14,000 USD; Terry Martin gets $12,000 USD)

David Heath Vs. Tim Boetsch
(Tim Boetsch gets $12,000 USD; David Heath gets $6,000 USD)

Keita Nakamura Vs. Rob Emersonn
(Rob Emerson gets $16,000 USD; Keita Nakamura gets $5,000 USD)

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