UFC 81: Brock Lesnar discusses his thoughts on Frank Mir

Here’s a snip from Brock Lesnar as he talks about his upcoming fight at UFC 81-Breaking Point with former UFC champion Frank Mir:

"I’ve got eight workouts left (as of late last week) and I’m very
excited for February 2…I’ve got it all to lose and I’ve got everything to gain.
Frank Mir doesn’t have the same kind of pressure…I’m going to stay in his face
and control him…I can guarantee I’ll be in better condition than Mir…Frank Mir
is a black belt in jiu jitsu…I’ve been training a lot in jiu jitsu, and a lot
of jiu jitsu defense and a lot of striking and defense. My wrestling workouts
have taken a back seat because I did that for 18 years…Anybody can get knocked
out in this sport if you get hit with the right punch with the size of the
gloves…I don’t have a weak jaw, but if you get hit in the right spot, anybody
can lose. You just try to lower the odds of being in that situation. If I can
avoid that, I can win a lot of fights."

(Props to yahoo sports)

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