UFC 80 event will be held in Montreal, Canada: Jason McDonald and Patrick Cote

UFC 80 looks to be the first UFC in 2008 and Dana White wants Montreal to be the next place to have it!  Zuffa Inc. has been trying to expand their organization on an international level with events being held in Ireland and England already held this year alone.   They plan on moving to other countries such as Mexico, Japan and now Canada.  Let’s not jump the gun, but the UFC is going pretty far at this rate.

When asked how Canada would fit in the whole UFC picture, Dana White said that Canada was a “a phenomenal breakthrough market…England, Canada and Mexico, those are all kind of no-brainers for us.”  He also stated that George St. Pierre will probably not be on the fight card, but that he wasn’t sure at this point who he wanted on the card.  Other Canadian fighters we expect to participate on the card are Jason McDonald and Patrick Cote, current UFC contenders who have won their last fights.

White is working hard to bring the UFC closer to the fans who love this sport the most.  It won’t be a surprise to see Dana and the Fertitta brothers expand their company all over the world any time soon.

Get ready Canadians, the UFC is finally coming to your hometown!

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