UFC 79: The UFC makes $4.9 Million and gives away $200,000 in Bonuses

The UFC 79-Nemesis event was completely sold out as they filled up the venue with a total of 11,100 attendees.  There was a closed circuit television event at Mandalay Bay, which also brought an extra 1,300 fans.  Dana White and the UFC finished off the year with a spectacular gait of $4.9 million USD last night as it was considered the highest gait made in 2007.

The UFC distributed its bonuses to the fighters who won its usual "Knockout of the Night", "Submission of the Night" and "Fight of the Night."  There was a total of $200,000 USD given to these fighters in just bonuses (aside from their salaries).

"Knockout of the Night" was awarded to Eddie Sanchez after he defeated Soa Palelei via TKO-strikes even though it was technically considered a win via TKO-eye injury.  Sanchez was given $50,000 USD as the bonus prize.

"Fight of the Night" was given to the bout between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva.  The slugfest kept everyone off their seats throughout the entire fight, which clearly showed why they were awarded the bonus.  Each of them acquired a $50,000 USD bonus for this match.

Lastly, the "Submission of the Night" was given to George St. Pierre who pulled off an impressive arm lock submission over Matt Hughes in the second round.  The fantastic finish over Hughes helped him earn the $50,000 USD bonus.

For the official results of the UFC 79-Nemesis fight card, click here

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