UFC 78: Michael Bisping Talks About Rashad Evans


Michael Bisping prepares his intensive training with Rashad Evans for UFC 78-Validation.  He expresses his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Evans and admits that Evans’ “wrestling is excellent of course, but his striking is up there too- he’s finishing fights now.”

Here’s a snip of Bisping props to

“After the whole incident with Hamill I wanted to get back in the Octagon as soon as possible…Unfortunately knee surgery took a rematch with Hamill out of the equation, but the UFC approached me with an offer to fight Evans instead. I’m very excited about the fight. Evans has proven himself, his wrestling is excellent of course, but his striking is up there too – he’s finishing fights now. There’s some sacrifice involved with fighting Rashad…I wont be able to fight on the upcoming UK shows, but right now I just want to get back in there. I know some people didn’t like what they saw. MMA fans, especially Internet MMA fans, are fickle; they jump from one fighter to the next and this is my chance to prove myself again…I won’t lie, initially their wrestling worried me…Ever since ‘TUF’ I’ve realized it’s what I’ve needed to work on and I’ve been doing it. The whole light heavyweight division has been turned upside down lately – Chuck losing to Jardine, ‘Shogun’ losing to Griffin…I think it’s great for the sport and it’s definitely had an impact on my mindset too. But I don’t want the belt tomorrow, I’m still not ready. I need a lot of improvement and need to keep maturing steadily as a fighter. I’m happy to make a slow and steady progression”

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