UFC 77 Video: Yushin Okami vs. Jason MacDonald

Yushin Okami lost to Rich Franklin  at UFC 72-Victory, but we all know that he wasn’t completely dominated.  Yes, the fight was not as exciting as we all thought it was going to be and YES, Okami didn’t do anything in the first 2 rounds.  However, he still has a lot to prove as he stands with a 20-4 record and is only 26 years old.

Many of us pretty much expected Okami to attack Franklin more because he is known for his aggressive game, but he did prove to be a very dangerous candidate in the middleweight level when he was seconds away from slipping a kimura on Franklin in the final minute of the 3rd round.

Either way, Okami is in for a very special treat on Saturday, October 20th, when he faces a very tough Jason Macdonald at UFC 77-Hostile Territory.  Macdonald is coming off of a win to Rory Singer as he won via TKO-Strikes in the 2nd round.

Unfortunately, is stating that this fight will not be televised.  However, we can see the fight through UFC’s “on demand” feature at

Check out this clip that some of the Okami fans have gathered up as they are still accepting people to get on the “War wagon” to root for the orange and white shorts-Yushin Okami:

Orange and White
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