UFC 77: Kalib Starnes “took a huge financial loss” due to cut

Kalib Starnes is not happy at all with his recent loss to Alan Belcher as he tried to attain his second consecutive win.  On top of that, Starnes has to face the fact that his stitches due to the cut he obtained during UFC 77-Hostile Territory, came out to be more expensive than the fight compensation he received.  He is now suffering a huge financial loss and he has to pay most of it out of his own pocket.  Sometimes it isn’t worth the hard work and the bloody battle if you’re going to have to pay for all of that.

Here’s a snip from Kalib Starnes:

“Two layers about 15-20 (stitches) in the meat, and 15-20 in
the skin…. It cost me about five times as much as I made just to train for that
fight, I took a huge financial loss, I’m more upset about that than I am about
losing actually. I left with $4,800 after taxes and deductions. Every time I
fight I gamble with my health, reputation and financial well being and to have
a cut just detroy all my hard work and personal sacrifice like that, I can’t
help but wonder if it’s even worth it.”

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